Hardware removal

These past 3 months have gone by so quickly and already tomorrow is my hardware removal date. Finally the three screws will be coming out and I can begin the last phase of my recovery. As of now, my foot does not cause any problems except that it does somewhat still swell up a little […]

Checkup and Orthotics

Yesterday I went and got my custom orthotics fitted into my sneakers which I can also interchange with my other shoes as well. My left foot was finally in a shoe for the first time in just over 3 months!! I had to stand on this mat which determines the pressure that is applied on parts […]

Starting to Walk Again

Yesterday was 3 weeks since my cast removal and approximately 9 weeks since surgery. I was super excited to be able to finally put weight on my foot and start  my process of relearning how to walk again after so long. Thankfully, the injury site did not hurt at all and had no discomfort. However, […]

No More Cast!!

Wow, four weeks with my leg in a cast has gone by fairly quickly. Yesterday I went to the orthopedic clinic and had my second checkup. The X-rays showed that the bones has healed very nicely. However, they didn’t ask me to do a CT scan so I don’t know how my ligaments are healing?  […]

Cast Update

It’s been two weeks since I got my cast. Two more weeks to go before I can transition into a boot. As of now, my foot has no pain. Although my foot does still have minor swelling when not elevated and get uncomfortable when I put it down for some time because of the blood […]

Getting My Cast

It is nearly three weeks since my surgery. Two days ago I had my first post op check up at the hospital. No x-rays were taken. The surgeon who came to examine how my foot was doing was very helpful and answered a lot of my questions. He was very encouraging and said that a […]