My left foot was officially diagnosed with a Lisfranc injury exactly two weeks after the injury date. Originally, I had gone to my local medical center where I had none weight bearing x-rays taken. The doctor there then referred me to a orthopaedist after suspecting a Lisfranc injury.  I was then instructed to take an MRI scan and informed that the results will be forwarded to the orthopaedist. So two weeks later I was at home expecting a call from him regarding my MRI scan results. The news that came with the call was not what I had hoped to hear. I was told that along with my avulsion fracture of the base of the second metatarsal, I also had a torn ligament? He asked me to go to hospital as soon as I could because there was a high chance that I needed surgery. I admit, immediately after the call I started sobbing. The days leading up to the call I had been exploring the internet, reading everything I could find about Lisfranc injuries/stories which only increased my fears. I was extremely scared that I would develop arthritis or will never be able to walk without pain again. My mind was filled with negative possibilities and “what ifs”. What if I had decided to go bike riding that day instead… If you are reading this, you have probably also read about all the Lisfranc horror stories.

After I somewhat calmed down, my Dad took me to hospital where I had a weight bearing x-ray taken and signed all the paperwork for surgery. I stayed in hospital that night (20th of Dec) and was scheduled for surgery the next day. However, when next day came I was told something came up and so I wouldn’t be operated until the 22nd.  On the 22nd around 10:30am I was wheeled to the surgery waiting room. My Dad stayed with me until it was time for me to go into the operating theatre. The last thing I remember before the anaesthetic took over was answering the question what I would like to dream about during the surgery. When I woke, I was told that the surgery went successfully and told to stay overnight for monitoring which was standard procedure.

The pain for next few days after I was discharged from the hospital was easily bearable. My left foot didn’t really hurt much at all and I only took paracetamol just in case the pain flared up. Maybe I just have a high pain tolerance? I made sure to keep my foot elevated for most of the week post op to keep the swelling down but managed to go boxing day shopping in a wheelchair. I was also prescribed aspirin for six weeks which thins my blood to help prevent blood clots from occurring.

Smile and stay positive!

– Zoe


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