Getting My Cast

It is nearly three weeks since my surgery. Two days ago I had my first post op check up at the hospital. No x-rays were taken. The surgeon who came to examine how my foot was doing was very helpful and answered a lot of my questions. He was very encouraging and said that a full recovery is definitely possible. I have confidence that I my left foot can recover 100%. Remember that the negative Lisfranc stories you read are from people who still experience problems. People who have successfully recovered are unlikely to be posting online because they have moved on and don’t think about their injury anymore. This means the world is also full of people who have recovered completely and don’t have lingering problems. I will be in my cast for four weeks and will be able to transition into a boot after another check up where new x-rays will be taken. When they took my backslab off I saw that my left leg had atrophied a little. Fingers crossed that it won’t atrophy even more. Right now I have no pain in my foot, although there may be the occasional twinge. When I put my foot down, it does turn a little purple and swell up a small amount. I can wriggle all my toes and can bend them a little. It is amusing how much concentration I needed to put in to move them at first. I feel like I am properly on the road to recovery now that I have got my cast.

Thanks for reading!

– Zoe


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