No More Cast!!

Wow, four weeks with my leg in a cast has gone by fairly quickly. Yesterday I went to the orthopedic clinic and had my second checkup. The X-rays showed that the bones has healed very nicely. However, they didn’t ask me to do a CT scan so I don’t know how my ligaments are healing? 

My cast was taken off and I was given a boot which I will be wearing for six weeks with a custom orthotic to support my arch. I will still have to be non weight bearing for three more weeks but can rest my foot on the ground gently. After three weeks I can start weight bearing with 50% of my weight and increasing to full weight bearing when I feel like I can. I really wanted to start weight bearing now but better safe than sorry! I could see that my leg had shrunk (muscle atrophy) but hopefully will be able to get it back to normal once I start walking again. My incision would looked very good and I can now finally wash my whole leg! Each day the swelling improves and now I can put my foot down for a longer period of time without feeling discomfort. I am grateful that I didn’t have any surgery complications (blood clots etc) and so far a good recovery. Will probably update again when I start weight bearing 🙂

Thanks for reading!



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