6 Weeks Post Op Photos

Note: the anti bacterial stuff they put on my foot for surgery hasn’t been washed off, which is why there are pinkish spots 🙂


3 thoughts on “6 Weeks Post Op Photos

  1. Looking great, Zoe! Mia Rose & I are happy to see that your recovery is going well! Mia Rose had her hardware removal surgery yesterday. Surgery went very well and the doctor told us that all of the joints are stable (meaning that the ligaments healed). We hope that your recovery continues to go very smoothly too.

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    1. Thank you! Right now, I’m working on improving my ankle mobility since I’m not allowed to weight bear to walk yet. I do think I could probably start partial weight bearing and walking with the boot on though and am looking forward to the 24th when I can actually start to. I realized I should have asked them why I could only touch weight bear for 3 more weeks at the 6 week checkup. I hope it’s just to allow the healing ligaments to strengthen up more since I read online that they heal quiet slowly? The area around the ankle is still pretty flaky with skin peeling off but all in all recovery is going great! It’s wonderful to hear that Mia Rose’s surgery went really well and that her foot is stable 🙂 I wish her the best for her next phase of recovery and hope she can return to gymnastics in no time!

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      1. Thanks, Zoe. From what we’ve learned along the way it seems like each surgeon has their own preference regarding how quickly or slowly they allow you to begin moving, weight bearing, impact activities, and when they will remove the hardware. We consulted three different surgeons and each had a slightly different timeline. Some will tell you what percentage of weight to start with while others will say “as tolerated.” We were glad that Mia Rose’s doc was in the “as tolerated” camp since she had no pain at all when she started walking in the boot so she was able to get rid of the crutches very quickly. We found that it was helpful to write down every possible question that we might want to ask before each visit so that we wouldn’t forget anything. Sometimes we didn’t ask everything we had written but it helped to be sure that we got the important questions answered. I hope that your recovery continues to go very well!


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