Checkup and Orthotics

Yesterday I went and got my custom orthotics fitted into my sneakers which I can also interchange with my other shoes as well. My left foot was finally in a shoe for the first time in just over 3 months!! I had to stand on this mat which determines the pressure that is applied on parts of your foot and it showed that the orthotics were doing its job and supporting my arch perfectly. The instructions were to wear the orthotics for 1 hour on day one, then 2 hours on day 2, and so on until I am wearing them all the time. The reason for this was to allow my feet to become accustomed to wearing them.

This Wednesday I had my 6 weeks in boot check up and it was all good news. I was cleared to fully weight bear as tolerated in shoes once I got my custom orthotics. In a few months I will be able to have my screws removed and will definitely ask to keep the three screws as a souvenir. Thankfully, the anterior ankle pain that I mentioned previously has gone away and I would say that my ankle has 99% range of motion back.

I have been doing my physio exercises and riding a stationary bike we have at home which has really helped to gain my muscle back in both my foot and leg. The scar is continuing to heal nicely and putting my foot down for long periods of time only results in minor swelling now.


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