How it happened

The 6th of December 2016 was the day I endured my Lisfranc injury which I had never heard of before. It was just after dinner and my Dad and I were debating whether to go bike riding or golf practice. We finally decided to go practice golf and I brought my scooter along in the boot of the car. This was because I recently started trying scooter tricks again and wanted to go to the skatepark after practice. Little did I know going to the skatepark would result in such a life changing injury. Long story short, I went down the quarter pipe and put my left foot down to lift the scooter over the curb edge of a small ramp. Next minute, I felt my left foot bend in half as my weight somehow fell onto it. At first I was too scared to look at my foot as I thought it would look somehow look deformed. I called my Dad over and braved a glance. Thankfully, it looked normal but after taking my shoe off I could see that it had already started to swell up. At the time, I never would’ve imagined how serious this injury would be and the significant impact it would have for the coming days.

Thanks for reading!

– Zoe


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