Cast Update

It’s been two weeks since I got my cast. Two more weeks to go before I can transition into a boot. As of now, my foot has no pain. Although my foot does still have minor swelling when not elevated and get uncomfortable when I put it down for some time because of the blood flowing down. I have been doing non weight bearing exercises to slow muscle atrophy and hope it will help significantly when I can finally start learning to walk again. Exercises I have been doing include: leg raises, stretches, rotations as well as writing the alphabet. I am very thankful that my Lisfranc was diagnosed early and that surgery went smoothly with no complications. The road to full recovery is long, but time does go by quickly and before I know it, I will be looking back on this injury with a triumphant smile. Will write again when I am out of my cast.

Thanks for reading!

– Zoe


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